Jacques Descoteaux



Upcoming exhibitions. Gallery news. My next solo exhibition will take place at Toronto's Propeller Art Gallery from March 29 to April 16, 2023. For further details, please visit the gallery's site at https://propellerartgallery.com/exhibitions/winds-of-time-jacques-descoteaux-upcoming/
Always Forever. Oil on canvas. 91.4 x 121.9 cm (36 x 48 inches)


This includes works on canvas and works on paper, in oil, acrylic, pastel, and perhaps a few pieces in watercolour.
Relief. Clay sculpture. 35.6 x 27.9 x 5.1 cm (14 x 11 x 2 inches)


I’ve always enjoyed getting my hands dirty. See some of the outcomes.
Watermarks. Mixed Media - image transfer on mylar

Other Media

Here you can see some of my mixed media works, a few videos, and random photography.
Chanie Wenjack. Mixed media - image transfer on mylar

Stolen Voices

These works are my homage to those whose voices were stolen – because of who they were, what they said, what they did. These works are very personal, but I need to share them.