Stolen Voices

This body of works titled “Stolen Voices” is dedicated to those whose voices were prematurely taken away because of who they were, because of what they said, because of what they did.  Because of systemic racism.  Because of racism.  Because of misogyny.  Because of our privilege.  Because of our silence.

The events following the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers reminded me that I can no longer ignore the violence, that I must no longer remain silent.  Reflecting on Black Lives Matter and Say Her Name and Idle No More, I was reminded of the lives that were lost and the voices that were taken away.  None of it is new, none of it should be news.  My privilege has allowed me to go on with my life.

The names in most of these pieces should be known to all of us.  Look them up.  Ask me. Remember their names.  Keep their voices alive.

This is only the beginning.  I will continue this series.  I will continue to remember the stolen voices.